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What's All the Buzz?  Just read some of the excerpts from emails we have received about CSA!

"Coach Ashley and Team did an amazing job with my 10 & 11 yr old daughters.  They had never cheered before, so I was a bit worried, but they Loved It.  Have been stunting in pool every day.  Thank you for the confidence you instilled!!  We'll be back next year for sure."    - K. T. - CSA Cheer Camp Parent

"Coach Kissal and his staff are the best. The first day was so welcoming having the players out front and him at the check in desk. All the kids feel a part of something awesome. Definitely on our list next year and will recommend to others." - J.W. CSA Basketball Camp Parent

"The coaches knew their craft and how to teach the girls...easy to approach with questions too! I told the head coach that this first year FAR exceeded my expectations... Well done!! - M.C. CSA Cheer Camp Parent

"Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for another tremendous season working with you and CSA. We finished up 6-2 this year and had a very nice run against some very good competition. Thank you for always being so accommodating and easy to work with, I am looking forward to doing it again for one final season next year, thanks again and do remain in touch! - A.M. - CSA Basketball Coach

"Thank you! You guys did a fantastic job. Sean hopes to come back next year"  S.C. - CSA Basketball Camper

"I loved the feedback. Especially since my kids were so young. They loved it."  E.W. - CSA Wrestling Camper

"I told the head coach that this first year FAR exceeded my expectations... Well done!!"  M.C. - CSA Cheer Camper

"Definitely a positive experience and a must attend for Julian"  L.L. - CSA Basketball Camper

"Having the CHS cheerleaders lead the camp was fantastic! The awards each day was a great idea as well as the awards for the week."  O.T. - CSA Cheer Camper

"Best camp he has participated in years ... The level of instruction was beyond expectations. For both football and basketball"  E.G. - CSA Football and Basketball Camper

"My girls love this camp, they talk about it all year and can't wait for the next one!" S.N. - CSA Poms Camper

"Andrew had a great time working with the high schoolers and I believe he learned some new things...thanks you for an awesome summer camp.  A.G. - CSA Basketball Camper


"My daughter's first time experiencing this type of camp and she loved it!!" I.B. - CSA Poms Camper

"Super helpful coach and counselors that greatly improved my girl's field hockey skills with their instruction! She hopes to return next year as a counselor even." S.P. - CSA Field Hockey Camper

"thanks to Kevin Hutto for having the vision and determination to get CSA going and for developing it into the great organization it has become. I believe we were in the first CSA team, the I270 bantams. While we have aged out of youth sports, our family will always remember the great experiences and great people we met through CSA.” A.K. – CSA Parent and Volunteer

"I just wanted to quickly thank you for such a wonderful basketball camp.  Our son really enjoyed it & I was equally impressed with the program.  He's looking forward to the camp for next year." - J.A. Basketball Summer Camp Parent

"I just wanted to say thanks to your efforts at the CSA Baseball Program. Our son is now at Wootton, and made the JV Team, with many good players that tried out. Most importantly, he is doing very well with school and grades. His confidence in Baseball & overall socially, was a direct result of CSA baseball coaches guiding and coaching the boys. We certainly miss all of you. Hope we can catch an event or ball game or something soon. Also, thanks to the CSA baseball leadership team & the many efforts of others behind the scenes, that provided a fun & enjoyable experience for our son."  JB & KB - CSA Baseball Family

"Just a quick email to say thanks for your hospitality this weekend.  Your boys are obviously well coached and I was impressed with their sportsmanship.  Thanks again and good luck!" - C.H. - Visiting Team Coach
"We wanted to take a moment to Thank You for A Great Season!  We Really Appreciate You for taking your Time, Energy, and Endless Effort to Commission a wonderful group of boys".... our son "enjoyed the season and grew a lot - both emotionally and physically - ALL rewards of the GREAT CSA commitment!!!" - M.P - CSA Parent
"I just wanted to say how pleased I was with the soccer program".  The coach "is excellent with the kids and very patient"... my son "was so happy and enthusiastic that he wants to keep playing....Once again, I want to thank all of you for your wonderful staff and organization. What an awesome and positive experience it was!" - L.H. - CSA Parent
"Good job guys, I have been involved in sports all my life and CSA is by far the best group of fathers/coaches I have had the opportunity to coach with.  Kids come first!" - M.F. - CSA Parent and Coach
"It was a great season and I know my daughter had fun...thank you so much to you and your staff for making it enjoyable for us." - -  M.C. - CSA Parent
"Thank you very much for leading CSA football and having a hand in helping our son develop into the fine young man that he is.  As you know, our son has aged out of the CSA Coyote football program.  He has, however, now joined the Poolesville High School program with Coach Gant and is learning all about the weight room.  One thing that has been interesting is that the CSA experience instilled a true love of the game into our son and he now has interest in pursuing coaching.  CSA also provided him with a community transition from Clarksburg to Poolesville as he changed schools to pursue Montgomery County's Global Ecology Magnet Program at Poolesville.  Thank you for all that you've done and please let us know if there is anything that we can help you with as CSA moves forward."  -  A. A. - CSA Parent
"I really like the way winning is important in the CSA, but more importance is placed on the actual child succeeding in trying their best to improve etc...  It is my view that competition has it's place, but stressing it as the number one priority at this age is not the way to go.  Kudos to you guys for providing many of our kids with a safe, fun, collaborative, and sometimes competitive environment where clearly they learn values such as sportsmanship, honesty, and discipline." - T. B. Elementary School Physical Educator
"The mat club coaches are fantastic and my son is enjoying it!" - J.F. -  CSA Parent
"I just wanted to let you know how much my daughter is enjoying poms with CSA.  This is her first experience with poms and she always comes home very animated and excited to show me what she is learning.  This is also her first team experience and long term commitment experience.   Her goal is to participate in CHS poms when she has gained enough skills to try out. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into this program.  It's very exciting to be part of it". - L.B. - CSA Parent
"Coach Tippett was always available to take and return my calls. The camp was very productive for my daughter.  She reinforced the great decision my daughter made to tryout for the CHS Volleyball team." - A.S. - Clarksburg Sports Summer Volleyball Camp Parent
"This is a camp my kids look forward to all year. It really is the highlight of their summer. The instruction is excellent and the kids have a lot of fun." - J.M. - Clarksburg Sports Summer Football Camp Parent
"Once again, it was a great camp. Coach Hurd managed to keep the camp fresh and made it just as fun for the kids this year as last. Well Done!" - S.H. - Clarksburg Sports Summer Football Camp Parent
"This was my daughter's experience with volleyball and she fell in love with it during the camp. Now she wants to try it out for a season. Thanks so much to the staff."  - K.D. - Clarksburg Sports Summer Volleyball Camp Parent
"This was an outstanding experience for our son and us as it helped us get to know other families." - M.S. - Clarksburg Sports Summer Football Camp Paren
"I was so happy when my son came home excited about his first day of camp. I feel that coming to CSA will have such a positive on my son." - D.W. - Clarksburg Sports Summer Football Camp Parent
"My daughter didn't want it to end!" - L.C. - Clarksburg Sports Summer Pom Camp Parent
"I was so impressed with how much our son learned at the baseball camp. Great coaches. They were great with the kids ... my son benefited from their instruction. The coaches were focused and very positive. My son truly enjoyed every aspect of the camp.  His skills have improved exponentionally.  He loved camp and can't wait to sign up again next year." - P.D. - Clarksburg Sports Summer Baseball Camp Parent
"This was our 3rd summer attending the baseball camp, and we will definitely see you next year!!!" - R.T. - Clarksburg Sports Summer Baseball Camp Parent
"I thought the baseball camp coaches were amazing!  Completely accessible giving positive reinforcement and great information to parents" - N.P. - Clarksburg Sports Summer Baseball Camp Parent
"This is the first time we've done a baseball camp, the pre-camp communication was great and well-organized.  The camp was beneficial for all ages and ability levels, was very well run and my son enjoyed it immensely" - T.D. - Clarksburg Sports Summer Baseball Camp Parent
"I made the CHS pom team I owe it all to the CSA Coaches!!I am so happy that I did poms for the past 2 years. You guys have prepared me to be the pom I am today. Thanks bunches:) - E.G. - CSA Poms Student Athlete
"Dear CSA Poms coaches, thank you so much for coaching and supporting me this year. I wanted to share some good news with you that I just found out that I made the Richard Montgomery Poms team!! I know I couldn't have done it without everything you have done for me!"- E.W. - CSA Poms Student Athlete
"I want to let you know that my son had a very good experience with the CSA golf classes at PB Dye, which ended yesterday.  It was his first try at golf, and now he's quite keen to continue." - S.C. - CSA Parent
"You make me a better person when I see how you model family, community and leadership through character." - E.S. - CSA Supplier
"We are the parents of a Middletown Valley wrestler. Our son is 8 years old...and is in his second season of wrestling. He spent most of last year on his back on the mat. He has high hopes for this upcoming season and is very excited for a change of scenery (not on his back as often) on the mats.  Our son competed in the Matbash at Damascus High School this past weekend and wrestled against a CSA wrestler...Now comes the point of this e-mail…We just wanted to let you know that this particular wrestler displayed incredible sportsmanship and compassion towards our son. After the match (which our son lost), he approached our son and spoke kind and encouraging words to him – it really made a difference because our son was having a very bad day. This particular wrestler gave him the strength to go to the mats again. Our son ended up losing all 3 Matbash matches on Saturday, but he will be back!  It was truly a bright point for us as parents to see a young man behave with such integrity.  Please let the wrestler and his parents know how impressed we are. We will certainly be referring to this encounter as we continually teach our son the importance of being a good sportsman. Kudos to him, you and his parents for doing such a great job!" - T.R. - Visiting Team (Middletown) Parent
" run a great program and I really want both my boys to take advantage of this opportunity.  Very few organizations are run as well and with such passion for the sport." - T.T. - CSA Parent

"Coach Chris Brown is a very rare, one-of-a-kind coach.  My son was a 6th grade, first-year wrestler last year.  He attended pre-season mat club and clicked with Coach Chris immediately.  There was no doubt in his mind that he was the coach he wanted to learn from and wrestle for.  Coach Chris goes way above and beyond expectations of what a coach should be.  Everything he does is for the kids – to make them happy, successful, and respectful people.  Win or lose, he knows just what to say to give the kids confidence and encouragement.  He is patient with them, but also demands hard work, discipline, and good character.  He teaches them not only by instruction, but also by example.  We are thrilled that our son has fallen into the path of such a wonderful person that has and will most definitely continue to make an impact in his life in so many ways, on and off of the mat." - C.G. - CSA Parent
"Our son really enjoyed himself on the CSA football team this year.  Sam was a great coach and we will be following him during the basketball season.  We look forward to continuing to support CSA for football and basketball.  Thanks for all you are doing for the makes a huge difference in all our lives." - A. R. CSA Parent
"My son really liked both coaches and here is what I like most. They have both played at the higher level, when it counted....they know what it took to get to that level of play and that goes a long way with me...both coaches will bring the good habits and fundamentals to this group...furthermore, I like their values...and these coaches are setting the path in the right direction...thanks for all your efforts! You are truly making a difference in the life of my son and many more kids" - R.W. CSA Parent
"My daughter enjoyed all the coaching and the way the coach was able to encourage a lot of self confidence in the campers to make them understand and enjoy the concepts of the sport. You could not have picked a better coach for this camp. My daughter did not hesitate to say yes for next years camp" - K.L. - Field Hockey Camp Parent
"LOVED the camp...have been to three wrestling camps this summer - all 3 boys very serious about wrestling - thought that the level of instruction at Clarksburg Sports Camp was the best of all of them" - P.R. - Clarksburg Sports Summer Camp Parent
"Great coaches, very intense and high quality instruction. We loved it!!! Next years camp will be our #1 choice" - R.T. - Clarksburg Sports Summer Baseball Camp Parent
"Great chance to meet the High School coach and learn football fundamentals. An outstanding introduction to the fall league for first time parents." - S.W. - Clarksburg Sports Summer Camp Parent
"These coaches are some of the best coaches my child has had.  The Pom camp was so good, she's signing up for Poms throughout the school year!" - M.P. - Clarksburg Sports Summer Camp  Parent
"High level of instructional quality...the camp exceeded all possible expectations!" - S.W. - Clarksburg Sports Summer Camp Football Parent
"...the girls are having a blast...I am really happy that my daughter is involved in volleyball...she is loving it a lot" - S.L. - Clarksburg Sports Summer Camp Parent
"The kids clearly had fun. There was a real sense family throughout the week by the coaching staff and the CHS players." - B.M. - Clarksburg Sports Football Summer Camp Parent
"My son had the time of his life playing at this more competitive level and he benefited from good coaching and a healthy team environment which made him hungrier than ever for basketball--he truly couldn't wait to get to practices and games. A great experience all around." - R.P. CSA Parent
"As a fan in the background observing and having been there in the past with one of my own kids when we lived in Pennsylvania, people do not realize the time, effort  and commitment it takes from “everyone involved” to run a successful program, and the CSA Wrestling Program is a top notch organization."  - J. F. - CSA Parent
"I just wanted to let you know that you guys are doing a GREAT job.  My daughter is having such a great time.  Every Tuesday and Thursday she wakes up and says “yeah, it’s Tuesday/Thursday!  I have poms tonight!”  It joys me to see her so happy!  Thanks for all you do!" - D.S. - CSA Parent
"...thanks for what all of you coaches are doing on the field; our son is really feeling good about himself and working hard for football." - G.N. - CSA Parent
"Both my wife and I are very pleased with the nurturing and consistent efforts the entire staff has taken in building our team.   We couldn’t be more pleased with the ‘whole” athlete/child approach.  Speaking on behalf of myself, my wife and my kids we are proud to be a part of the CSA family." - B.M. - CSA Parent
"I am impressed and very happy to see the Clarksburg's Sports Association growing.  I feel it won't be long before the organization will have hundreds of kids playing youth football in different weight classes.  My son asked that I get info about Clarksburg's Football for his age group." - J.D. - CSA Parent
"Our son has had a wonderful experience and surely is in much better shape now than a few months ago thanks to your encouragement and support!  You have been wonderful...and we truly appreciate all you have done and the great personal sacrifices you are making to build a quality program.  The program is impressive!" - M.H. - CSA Parent
"I personally like how the coaches interact with the kids and the parents.   Practices are organized and fun for the kids.   My son has been motivated about practice and being around his team mates.  The uniforms are first class, good selection my wife said they are sharp and the kids look great in them." - D.J. - CSA Parent

"The CSA tennis clinics were well organized and professionally run.  Daryl works well with the kids." R.R. - CSA Parent

"Relaxed good pace for beginners - a great class size with a great instructor/student ratio" G.C. - CSA Parent

"I was very impressed with the coaching manner employed by the tennis coaches" G.M. - CSA Parent

"I can honestly say that CSA is the best organization that I have been in so far.  I look for its continued support of the principles that I stand for..." - J.V. - CSA Commissioner/Coach

"CSA Sports coaches are the best coaches for my kids. Really enjoyed all the coaches' patience and manner." - R. B. - CSA Parent

"It was fun to watch them grow in their skills and also in their interpersonal relationships. I attribute that to the excellent coaching!" - V.R. - CSA Parent

"I just wanted to send you a note expressing my thanks.  I really appreciate the opportunity that you provided...You're doing a great job with CSA and making a big difference. There's no value to be placed on that." - T.C. - CSA Commissioner/Coach

"I would like to thank you and Coach Chris for the interest that you are taking in the children.  They have enjoyed all their sessions, and he is a wonderful coach.  My children and I do admire their family and their sense of wanting to work with the community." - S.A. - CSA Parent

"It was indeed a great season.  I know that although my son was the low kid on the pole what he learned under Coach Andy was unreal.  He is already looking forward to next year!"  - C.T. - CSA Parent

"I feel Chris is a very positive influence on the boys. He creates a desire to wrestle and do well in school. We are very happy with the program." - G. M. - CSA Parent

"John has spent a tremendous amount of time developing a very successful basketball program which will continue to greatly benefit the kids in the Clarksburg community for years to come." - A. K. - CSA Parent

"Coach Brown made the difference. My son Joe and my family were introduced to the CSA program by a couple of friends...Coach Brown is an outstanding wrestling and life coach. He has made a positive difference in the lives of our children. His involvement and dedication is unmatched. The success of his approach is reflected in the success of the team. Thanks for everything!!" - P. G. - CSA Parent

"As a first-year member I've had a great time. The coaching was great -- I only wish the season was longer!" - G. M. - CSA Parent

"I love the program, the kids, and the families and I so appreciate the better person it helps me to be. I also feel that the coach, assistant coaches, parents, and kids exhibit the best of what success is meant to be." - C. B. - CSA Parent

"As their coach: you inspire; you mentor; you motivate; you encourage; you support; you guide; but more importantly: you instill in them the values and character of a great athlete. Most famous athletes today always thank that one special coach in their lives that impacted and inspired them at a very young age, and that person has played a very important role in their lives today. Your commitment and dedication to these boys is to be commended and honored.  As their coach you should be very proud of yourself, you've done a truly outstanding job in representing the CSA Coyotes team, community and families" - CSA Parent
"My favorite part is I get to see all of my friends....we get to hang out with each other" - D. F. - CSA Student Athlete

"Not only are my kids having fun & learning skills, but the CSA coaches are very experienced, patient and are teaching them valuable lessons about sportsmanship and character!" - B. J. - CSA Parent

"It is great to see our community starting its own grass-roots sports program. There are certainly plenty of kids and parents here to support such an important undertaking. You can count on our family and the Sabelhaus Team realtors to support the CSA programs." - L. W. - CSA Sponsor

“I would like to inform you that Tammy is a superb coach.  Not only she knows what and how to train those kids, also, her lovely smile and kindness means a lot to me and my daughter.  She is always available and welcomes any questions that I've had.  She is "THE SUPER COACH".  And thanks to you and those who had a good judgment to select a coach like Tammy.” - A. F. - CSA Parent

"Thank you for everything that you have done, I really liked this camp.  I really want to do CSA.  I loved the game ships and sailors.  I'm really happy to do our performances today.  Well anyways, thank you for all that you have done.  This is my favorite camp I've ever been to!!" - Cassidy - CSA Pom Camper